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"Man paints with his brains, not his hands" - Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564)

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Fine Art in the Principality of Monaco

MONTE CARLO ART MUSEUM contains the original Matthew Moss ne-arts collection. These paintings are internationally-known, displayed in public and private collections and museums around the world and in the Principality of Monaco.

If you need an original image of Monaco - Monte-Carlo, the Cote d’Azur, the hidden beauties of Australia or a European image, Matthew feels that you will nd the right image here.

His original Fine Art images are available to you for reproduction, through Art Monte Carlo. You the art lover now have an art museum containing examples of exceptional artistic creativity, all of which you can license.

You may even adopt one of his paintings, buy an original works of art or, if you own an old oil painting, e-mail him a photograph and Matthew will give you a free online evaluation of your work of art.



Follow the irreverent adventuresRembrandt and the chaotic life of the Dutch Old Master, in the very funny, The Adventures of Rembrandt.


Matthew Moss was mentioned in Readers Digest and appeared on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald. Important paintings by the artist are in the Monaco Royal Palace permanent collection and owned by the Government of Ireland. The late US Senator Robert Kennedy was also a collector of Matthew’s paintings. The artist has lived for many years in the Principality of Monaco.