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"After painting comes sculpture " - Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519)

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Palm Trees on the ancient rock of Monaco


Hanging original works of art in your home, your boardroom or professional suite enhances the positive perception and image you create of your business and the aesthetics elements of your own personal life style. Click the Adopt Me button on your chosen painting in Explore Art Monte Carlo Museum to adopt an original signed oil painting.

This is a unique opportunity to adopt a painting from Art Monte Carlo’s collection. Adopting an original signed work of art is an exceptional opportunity for an individual or organisation. Original signed paintings by an internationally recognised artist on the walls of your professional ofces, boardroom, reception area or home will enhance your corporate prestige.

When you adopt, you need cover only your painting’s insurance – it can sometimes be as little as €120 for one year. Explore Art Monte-Carlo Museum, and choose the painting you wish to adopt. Matthew will provide two-way transport of your framed original work of art within the Côte D’Azur, Liguria and North West Italy.



Follow the irreverent adventures and the chaotic life of the Dutch Old Master, in the very funny, The Adventures of Rembrandt.



Matthew gives you advice to help you safeguard your valuable oil paintings. The artist is known worldwide as an expert on the conservation and the restoration of Old Master paintings. He founded the rst conservation laboratory ever to be set up at the Irish National Gallery in Dublin. When Matthew directed the conservation laboratory of that internationally-acclaimed European art museum he offered his expertise free. Owners of old paintings could walk into the art museum and get an unbiased opinion of any family or personal old painting that they owned. Today, the artist continues to practice this valuable public service. Matthew evaluates old oil paintings owned by art lovers in the Principality of Monaco and on-line here.There is nothing now preventing you from obtaining an objective and immediate appraisal of any oil painting that you own. And, there is no charge for the service.


Matthew Moss was mentioned in Readers Digest and appeared on the front page of the Sydney Morning Herald. Important paintings by the artist are in the Monaco Royal Palace permanent collection and owned by the Government of Ireland. The late US Senator Robert Kennedy was also a collector of Matthew’s paintings. The artist who has lived for many years in the Principality of Monaco is an officially recognized Monegasque artist.