"Art schools teach students to make derivative art" - Leo Tolstoy (1828 –1910)

Red Tequila Roses on the Italian Riviera of the Flowers

Shortly before World War l, the seaside towns around Sanremo on the Italian Riviera began to follow the example of Grasse in the French Provence hinterland and created the modern floriculture industry, profiting by the Riviera's mild winter climate. The introduction of the railway system after 1868 to coastal towns like Monte Carlo* encouraged the winter tourist industry, above all English visitors and Parisians followed by the impressionist painters such as Berthe Morisot, Claude Monet, Renoir. The railways also opened markets for roses and, later, carnations, to northern Europe and created the fortune of Sanremo. Today, there is intense competition from Brazil and the near east for a slice of the winter flower market: The Red Tequila Roses of the Riviera is the result of constant experimentation by Sanremo's growers to develop new strains that will tempt flower lovers.
The artist Moss, created this painting directly from the subject avoiding a preliminary design in order to create a feeling of spontaneity and improvisation. This painting's saturated colours, deep reds against a background of the same colour is very distinctive. The monochrome nature of the Alizarin lake reds is relieved by the contrasting green foliage and stems interposed between the massive forms of the flowers and the modulated tints behind. *See http://www.artmontecarlo.com/faq.php#book_monaco, Page 44

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