"We admire realistic pictures of objects more than the original" - Blaise Pascal (1623–1662)

Rembrandt's stolen Masterpiece

Venus comforts the famous Dutch Old Master; `Don't let it get you down, Rembrandt, if your masterpiece has gone walkabout. It will turn up, eventually, hanging in a respectable international museum` Rembrandt is in a demoralized state following the disappearance of his masterpieces. He is consoled by the Morgantina Venus, while the bronze Athlete of Lysippos - both of which are, presently, in the Malibu, Paul Getty museum - makes an ironic comment on the scene.The earliest documented example of art looting is the relief sculpting on the inside walls of the arch of Titus in Rome. The scene depicts Roman soldiers returning with treasures looted from the Temple of Jerusalem in 70 AD.

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