"Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana" - Groucho Marx (1895 – 1977)

“You’re certain, are you, that Rembrandt himself sold you this original?”

Matthew Moss' watercolour was prompted by a 1950s fable by the post-Joycean Irish writer Myles Na Ghopaleen in the Cruiskeen Lawn column of the Irish Times. . . .“Are Our Plaster Casts Genuine? Seventy-five per cent. of the pictures in the National Gallery are fakes. The next time you are there take a penknife to the fine El Greco and scrape away about a quarter inch of the picture where your handiwork will be least noticed. You will come across a banner for the 1903 Irish Language Procession in Wexford, in which my uncle had the distinction of riding the first bicycle ever made in Ireland. Keep scraping and under that again you will find a bizarre ad. for a patent cattle drench fashionable in the ‘eighties. (When you are satisfied, and have thoughtfully put away your knife, be sure to gather up your little mess of pinxorial dandruff, and leave the place as clean as you found it) . . .".

are available for book illustrations, annual reports, paper and packaging, giftware, related products. You can license them in the following format: Original transparencies in 6 x 6 cm. (2¼ in.) format, high-resolution RGB drum scans on DVD or efficient and quick E-Mail or FTP upload.