""Investing" in art, the silliest of silly, gambling in its purest form." - MpVpRb (anonymous 2016)

'There's a countryman of yours here; says he needs to talk to you.'


In the Adventures of Rembrandt, the artist is frequently accompanied by his two cohorts Toulouse Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh. We meet van Gogh for the first time when he visits Rembrandt in his studio. Pinned to the back of the door is a drawing of Benvenuto Cellini’s Perseus holding in his left hand, not the head of Medusa, to be found in the Loggia dei Lanzi, in Florence’s Piazza della Signoria, (done between (1545 and 1554) but van Gogh’s left earlobe. Vincent is shown with his head bandaged having cut off his ear in Arles in 1889. His hound is crouched beneath his chair  wearing a bandage similar to Vincent’s, displaying the phenomenon of sympathy symptoms for his master.
Vincent Van Gogh has brought along his canvas, Irises painted also in 1889. Alan Bond, the Australian business tycoon, bought Irises at auction for $54 million in 1987, purchased with a loan from Sotheby's, which, (echoes of Rembrandt's life), he was unable to repay because of a change in the financial climate. The painting is now in the Paul Getty Museum

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