"One visits museums on honeymoon and thankfully never again" - Italo Svevo (1861 – 1928)

'Oh, that is Rembrandt, he will do anything to get talked about. '


The dream of Rembrandt, like many artists, is to hang in a public museum. To that end some go to extreme lengths by introducing their paintings, surreptitiously, and hanging them on the gallery walls, for short or longer periods, until they are discovered and removed. Museums, the temples of 19th and the 20th century, created, like the porticoed banks of old, the image of an exclusive club, a sanctum sanctorum, reinforced with security guards, surveillance cameras and barriers to approaching the art too closely. The art itself is often treated with religious awe and Rembrandt, as much as anyone is not immune to the overwhelmingly hothouse atmosphere.
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