"We find more to entrance us in El Greco than in Titian" - Somerset Maugham (1874 - 1965)

'Down below, that's Rembrandt painting; over there is his art agent with his yacht.'


Rembrandt is busily creating a seascape while his art dealer enjoys the company of women, friends and champagne on his fine yacht. Artists hostility to picture dealers, often their only gateway to collectors, has a long history. Historically, as now, it was, with rare exceptions, the well-capitalized intermediary or the wealthy collector that profited from the artist’s talent. In 1950, Georges Rouault, then an old man, complained bitterly how Ambroise Vollard the dealer had enriched himself, at his expense at a time when Rouault was unknown and little appreciated by the public at large. In early 1960s Rome, impoverished artists sitting outside Café Rosati on the Piazza del Popolo would watch, resentfully, and commented caustically on a then well-known local art dealer who liked to promenade with his heavily jeweled and be-furred consort paid for by their art.

are available for book illustrations, annual reports, paper and packaging, giftware, related products. You can license them in the following format: Original transparencies in 6 x 6 cm. (2¼ in.) format, high-resolution RGB drum scans on DVD or efficient and quick E-Mail or FTP upload.