"One visits museums on honeymoon and thankfully never again" - Italo Svevo (1861 – 1928)

'Bad luck Rembrandt, Leonardo got here before you.'

An ageing and disconsolate Rembrandt  seated on the Escalier Daru entrance to the Louvre is accompanied by Gauguin, Toulouse Lautrec and Vincent van Gogh.  In front of  his Mona Lisa Leonardo, making Tour de France-winner gestures, is flanked by two maidens. The Italian Old Master and his masterpiece, surrounded by security guards, are being assailed by admirers and art lovers.


The Victory of Samothrace a classical statue of 220-190 BC, discovered on the homonymous Greek island sits at the head of the 1850s Escalier Daru. It forms part of the background framing Rembrandt van Rijn. Museum guards regard with suspicion the excluded and no longer fashionable Dutch master, unable, apparently, to gain entrance to the temple of beauty.


Rembrandt, is holding in his left hand his 1636 panel painting Susanna Bathing. In Matthew’s painting, the version Rembrandt holds is on canvas. To the right and partly blocking Susanna Bathing, is the artist’s faithful hound gazing mournfully into Rembrandt’s eyes. He has the typical characteristics of a stray, lean wiry and tan-coloured. The two female figures enclosing Rembrandt and his group are keening an Irish lament for the dead over the great Dutch master’s ill fortune.

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