"A drawing is simply a line going for a walk. " - (Paul Klee 1879–1940)

Fine Art Books in the Principality of Monaco

MATTHEW MOSS IS THE ORIGINAL FOUNDER of the National Gallery of Ireland’s first Conservation Laboratory. As chief conservator of the laboratory the author restored Rembrandt’s Rest on the Flight into Egypt, Nicolas Poussin’s Acis and Galatea and Giotto’s frescos in Assisi. Some of these monographs are limited edition or have original illustrations signed and dated by the artist.

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A Simple Method to Safeguard Your Paintings

Caring for Old Master Paintings

(Their Preservation and Conservation) by Matthew Moss is Your Guide to Taking Care of Oil Paintings
Irish Academic Press,148 pages, hardcover.
US $39.50. ISBN 0-7165-2531-3

Chapter Headings Include:

Practical examples on how to examine and handle old paintings safely. What is the safest environment to hang your painting. Caring for Old Master Painting, contains a practical guide, in the seven major European languages, to help you learn the terms most commonly used in conservation.


Matthew Moss - The man and the artist

An Important and beautifully produced book that makes a valuable addition to the the literature of present-day art.
Conservation Press, New York. 64 pages, hardcover. US $30.50. ISBN 0-943884-00.4

Matthew Moss
The Man and The Artist

contains twenty full-coloured illustrations tipped in by hand. This is a rare technique that has almost disappeared except for some fine-art publications. The book is the product of the best Italian craftsmanship. Its countersunk illustrated binding protected by a clear acetate dust cover.


Les Aventures de Rembrandt

The adventures and the misadventures of the world's most famous Old Master
Conservation Press, Principality of Monaco
120 pages, softcover. US $17.50. (€13.25)
ISBN 0-943884-04-7
English language version with 50+ full colour illustrations is included,with Les Aventures de Rembrandt as a PDF DVD.

Les Aventures de Rembrandt

(The Adventures of Rembrandt) is the book of the exhibition the artists held in Leiden (Rembrandt's place of birth) during the celebrations, Rembrandt400 in Holland to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Rembrandt van Rijn’s birth. The monograph contains 50 illustrations, 10 in colour, printed by hand and signed by the artist.


Monaco Mon Amour

Monaco Mon Amour is illustrated with 56 full colour landscapes and sepia drawings.

Conservation Press, Principality of Monaco 76 pages,hardcover with countersunk illustrated cloth binding. US $21.50. ISBN 0-943884-01-2

Monaco Mon Amour

is a limited edition, beautifully illustrated book printed on heavy Italian cartridge paper. The title of the monograph is inspired by the artist’s logo, showing Matthew’s commitment to interpreting the Principality of Monaco’s magical subtropical landscape. A French text accompanies the full coloured landscapes and sepia drawings. The chapter dedicated to the history of Old Master paintings in the Principality is, at present, the only source available on this interesting subject.


L’annuaire des Artistes de Monaco

296 pages, softcover. US $15.50. Published by the Conseil National of the Principality of Monaco.
ISBN unknown

L’Annuaire des Artistes de Monaco

is a unique database of artists, painters, sculptors, musicians and other creative professionals working and living in the Principality of Monaco.

Contains names, addresses telephone, email and Web sites of the talented individuals, groups and art professionals in the vanguard of the Principality's Fine-Arts Renaissance.


La Restauration des Chefs d’Oeuvre

DVD 148 pages, PDF.
US $15.50.
ISBN 0-943884-05-5

La Restauration des Chefs d’Oeuvre

is the full French version of Caring for Old Master Paintings. It is an Open Format PDF permitting you to easily download and study it.

This medium allows a higher resolution of the images than a printed version. In some way it is a more economic and easier to handle edition of this classic work.