"The artist is the world's scapegoat" - Jacob Epstein (1880–1959)

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Art Rental Service

Appreciating Fine Art.
Why is there an increase in worldwide corporate art appreciation today?
The Federation of German Industries says German corporations have, in recent years, spent $165 million on the arts. Eighty five percent of these corporate collectors were banks, 58 percent insurance companies and 60 percent trading enterprises. Sixty five percent of Britain's business collections began in the last decade. In Sweden, Norway and Finland 20 percent of corporate collections are new. In the United States Prudential Bache, an important New York borrower of Matthew Moss' paintings, are active in the arts. British Airways and BMW in Europe are also making a splash in the international art market.

Art is a powerful communications tool
David Rockefeller in an address to the annual dinner audience of the Conference Board once counseled business to establish an interest in the fine arts. The leaders of major corporations responded by increasing their business interest and support by $523 million dollars in one year alone according to the American Business Committee for the Arts.

The art of renting paintings
Hanging original paintings on your corporate walls make a clear statement to the world about your corporation's cultural identity. "The increased interest of business in art, and artists, is to their mutual benefit" remarked Thomas J.Watson, Sr., the founder of IBM. Displaying original works of art in your corporate surroundings shows a persistence in creating quality in all your enterprises. It demonstrates foresight, not being afraid to take risks and, at the same time, it demonstrates your respect for the past.

Corporations today display a greater understanding in responding to their employee's well-being by hanging paintings in the workplace. As a result there has been a growing trend in planning new headquarters and the work environment. Today's corporate collection reflects the company's interest and taste in art. It extends and enlightens the audience for beauty. Corporate backing of the arts is our day's equivalent to the Medici's patronage of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci in Renaissance Florence.

My personal support
The painting you receive on loan is an original oil on canvas, painted, signed and dated by myself. I hang the painting and collect it at the termination of the agreed rental period. The average size of the paintings is 70 X 50cm (28 X 20 inches), 80 X 100cm (32 X 41 inches) to 140 X 130cm (57 X 53 inches). You are not required to pay insurance on the painting you have borrowed and further, should it be damaged during that time, it will be replaced by a similar work of art. I will substitute the painting you have selected if, during the rental period, you want to exchange it for another. The painting you receive is framed and in a style that complements the work of art.

One of the most unusual developments that have emerged from the Fine Arts Paintings rental project are from companies that need to display a collection of valuable signed paintings by an internationally known artist for a brief period. This often is because of a particular event, an important reception or an anniversary celebration. The paintings, in this case, may be required for as little as seven to ten days.

What is paintings' rental?
It is good paintings on the walls of your corporate and professional offices. Buying original art is an expensive capital investment. Rental produces some financial advantages. Putting the original work of art through the fittings and furnishings budget offers the advantage of renting from cash flow. By renting you my paintings, I am following in the footsteps of Peter Paul Rubens and Rembrandt van Rijn. These Old Masters had an on-going dialogue with their patrons. My own patrons range from corporations in Ireland, Italy, Monte-Carlo, New York through to Melbourne in Australia. They have included major corporations such as ABN (now ABN-AMRO), Morgan Stanley, Prudential Bache, Nippon Credit Bank (Aozora Bank), Bank of Ireland and the governments of the Principality of Monaco and the Republic of Ireland.
Take the First Step:
Whatever your present level of involvement in the fine arts, you may feel that renting my own original paintings is a useful facility. You may have an existing collection or planning to begin one. As a service to you, during the rental period, you will receive valuable professional council on the care and restoration of your existing collection. You will want to discuss with me how a paintings rental resource will match your continuing involvement in the arts. This is an exceptional service to a restricted range of collectors. Oil paintings are one of the most sophisticated forms of collecting. In a matter as personal as the rapport between artist and patron I believe you can only benefit from this one-to-one relationship. Contact me below to learn how my paintings will offer you aesthetic pleasure that you can cherish and enjoy in your working environment. My telephone number is + 377 93 30 64 62, Fax 00377 93 30 64 62. You can also complete the form or send me an E-mail, info@ArtMonteCarlo.com.

This is an exceptional service restricted to collectors and corporations that are located in the Principality of Monaco, the Côte d'Azur, Provence, the Italian Riviera and Northern Italy.