"Choose only one master: Nature" - Rembrandt van Rijn(1606 – 1669)

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Original Transparencies

Using Original Images to Enhance Your Business.
Matthew Moss' art on original transparencies combines his beautiful images with your own boundless vision.
For you, or your corporation; rare and beautiful images of the Riviera, the Mediterranean landscape, unique Fine-Arts representations of Monte-Carlo and the Principality of Monaco. You may feel that these unusual representations will make an important contribution to your printed promotional and editorial project. Other business uses include printed packaging and product design, calendars and book illustrations.

The power of Fine Art images has long been recognized in the communications, advertising and publishing world. In the nineteenth century the Pears Soap Company commissioned one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, John Millais, to paint a picture, intended solely as an advertisement, that has remained famous as a work of art in its own right. It is the famous ‘Bubbles' showing a young boy blowing bubbles from a clay pipe. The painting's quality has survived the passage of time and shows the power of the Fine Arts when used by a sensitive advertiser.

In 1898 a phonograph company commissioned the Liverpool artist Francis Barraud to produce a painting showing a terrier looking at a gramophone horn from which a voice emerged. The painting proved so popular that the phonograph company changed its name to that of the painting's title and became His Masters Voice, the HMV of today. The artist, incidentally, made a decent living to the end of his days, painting copies of the painting for HMV. Great artists of the past, appreciated and commissioned by perceptive advertisers included Toulouse Lautrec and Gustav Doré.

Examples from our own day include Andy Warhol, Piet Mondrian and, lately, Picasso, whose unique signature has been used to advertise the Xsara model by Citroën. The French classical artist Poussin's landscapes, (to which Matthew's art has an affinity) are frequently used in the design of record sleeves and CD jewel cases.

Fine Art images confer a sense of exclusivity, prestige, quality, uniqueness and beauty unavailable in other ways. Transferred to a printed product, it confers its own sense of privilege and rarity to the product. The power, versatility and branding of original Fine-Art is available when you exploit the high quality of Matthew Moss' original transparencies. They are unique, original painted scenes of the French Riviera, the Cote d'Azur and the Principality of Monaco and Monte-Carlo.

The transparency you receive is a 6x6cm (2 1/4inches) original transparency, unclipped and includes background. The original transparencies is prepared directly by Matthew Moss himself from the original painting in his studio and is unique to you.