" Degas is nothing but a peeping Tom" - The Churchman (1886)
Saint Florent village in Corsica

View of the Petit Rhone in the Camargue region of Southern France

The artist's vision of the Petit Rhone in the Camargue region of Southern France. A sense of movement is noticeable in this canvas: The blue of the unsettled sky is followed by the undulating line of red tiled roofs then the cottage walls tinted in ochre. In the middle distance, The rich green of a grassy footpath below it the agitated waves of the Petit Rhone river show a mix of cobalt violet and blue. The blue of the river and the blue of the sky above, frame the central composition of boats, the ancient factory and the stone-walled cottages.

The Mediterranean Villa

The artist shows a group of villas, their red-tiled roofs silhouetted against the blue sky. Between two of the buildings is a tree-lined alley through which the sea can be seen, briefly. The olive tree in the centre of the foreground shows cool greens contrasting with the violet tints, the blues, pinks and whites of the stuccoed wall. The overall feeling evoked by The fin de si?cle Mediterranean villa in this oil painting is one of richness and warmth. The villas of The Principality of Monaco and the C?te d?Azur show man and nature living in close harmony.